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  • Homeopathy&Flower remedy are used for a wide variety of conditions!

    1 hr 15 min


  • Homeopathy&Flower remedies, Emotion-free and Reiki healing all combo w...

    2 hr 30 min


  • You can free from stress, trauma and all negative emotions!

    45 min


  • Make you feel deep relax, peaceful and balancing !

    30 min


  • Powerful healing treatment effective way to help to heal many levels !

    1 hr


  • This session works on all levels,targeting your nervous system in phys...

    1 hr 30 min



Are you looking for a natural way to stay healthy? 

Would you like better energy, restful sleep or feel more like ‘yourself’? 

VIDA HEALS we are always here for you...

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